Physical Aspect of Health

Health is considered by experts to be not solely one-dimensional because it consists of social adaptability, mental health and physical health as well. If you want to know how to tell if you are healthy or not, this article would be of great help to you. In the succeeding paragraphs, you will have a better understanding about the physical aspect of health.

Experts classify the physical aspect into three major divisions such as electrical energy, chemistry and belief. The first one talks about life and vitality, the second one only happens with the presence of the pH balance and the third one is the reality that is created by our thoughts.

Know the Physical Aspect of Health

Health can be considered as a bank account because we will either make deposits or withdrawals from the account balance. As long as our account is replenished, our body will still perform at its best. Are you wondering how diseases or illness attack the body? That is when the withdrawals exceed the deposits. When the balance becomes zero, the account will be closed that will sooner result to death.

You might be wondering why electric energy is one of the aspects of the physical health. Well the body is a system of energy that performs operation, generation and storage of electricity. To compare, the nerve pathways serve as the transmission lines and the cells serve as the storage battery and miniature generator. The energy that will replenish the body comes from the nutrients from the foods we intake. This implies that we need to be wary of the foods we eat because of the fact that some of them might not be good and can even cause troubles.

To make sure that your physical aspect is healthy, of course you also have to eat healthy. By including the go, grow and glow foods in your diet, your body will always have that kind of energy.

In order for the physical body to be very active and healthy, it must have an alkaline state of operation. To achieve this, the key still lies on the foods you eat.

When it comes to belief, you need to guard your mind well and your mindset as well because when they become the reality, it will affect your physical body.

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